I was a teenage Steve McQueen

My best performance escaped me

Ray Vecchio
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Detective Ray, Chicago PD.

Am I Ray Kowalski or Callum Keith Rennie? N...ope. Do I intend any infringement by making this journal? N...ope. Is this journal and muse purely for roleplaying purposes? You betcha!

Ray Kowalski is from the Canadian TV show due South and belongs to Alliance Atlantis. I do not own him, I do not know the actor who portrays him (although I think he's kinda hot ;P) and I mean no harm!

I play him primarily during s3 so he's undercover as Ray Vecchio, while the real Vecchio is mobbing it up in Vegas! So please to be ignoring his lj name if he introduces himself as Vecchio! Posts will be marked with either "s3" or "s4", or "post-cotw" (i.e. post-show when he's back to being Kowalski) as appropriate.